Resembling a Moleskine, this is a little black Picadilly sketchbook, 3.5″x5.5″ and semi-battered around the edges. This sketchbook has been missing for up to two weeks. All my contact info is on the interior front cover. No distinguishing features are on said sketchbook’s exterior, though the inside has a lot of drawings and notes and blank pages that I still need to fill up. SO…. If you happen to stumble upon it around Valencia/Santa Clarita/LA/CalArts please return it to me. It would be appreciated if you contacted me via email or phone first so I could give you my CalArts address, though the address in it will suffice. I’ll make you some art in return, art of any sort that you request!

Duct-tape Sketchbook Pocket

My working sketchbook goes on adventures with me. Sometimes I’ll end up with ticket stubs or programs from events– and sometimes I’ve got worksheets from class, or doodles friends have given me. I like to keep these items organized chronologically, and stuff them in the back of my sketchbooks, where I’ve built a duct-tape pocket to prevent things from falling out. Now you can make one, too!

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New iDrawingpad

The last one was a Mac-Book. This one’s an iDrawingpad.

“Apps” include Character Designs, Portraits, Insanity, Ideas, Sleeplessness, Thumbnails, Design, Life Drawing, etc…
The whole point of this is that fancy new things can still be done with old technology… pens and papers!
…And that’s one of the first drawings 🙂

Sketchbooks Through 11 Years

So I got this crazy idea. How far have I come, artistically, through the years– and in what increments? What if I took photos of mid-July drawings in all my sketchbooks, clear back to ’99? And then let’s say that I publish all these drawings (no matter how embarrassing they are) onto a blog? I thought it would be fun.
2010: Here’s where we stand today… Taking the rules and breaking them.
Read on for a trip through time!

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Moving Out!!!

Well, this is it! I move into CalArts dorms on September 1st… Have me a lovely mess of suitcases and piles of books and art materials and jazz alllllll over the floors, all patiently waiting to be bundled into bags and shoved in the back of a car to be transported up to my new home. This is exciiitingg! Hopefully I’ll still be able to find a few minutes to blog about new projects and art and updates while I’m up there…. I’m going to be BUSY! But for the last day at home, how about a few last ganders at my most recent sketchbook work?

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