Mine Eyes! They See!

So I went to the optometrist today, dreading that the doctor would tell me that I should really be at a higher prescription for my glasses/contacts, and that I would have to fight back to keep my prescription at a -1.50 level.

A curious thing about my case– I only wear a contact in my left eye. My right eye sees fine, despite a slight astigmatism.

The last time I got my eyes checked, some three or so years ago, I was told that I should start wearing contacts in both eyes, and my prescription was getting a little worse. I’ve noticed lately that my left eye (the one with the contact) has been seeing pretty good– not perfect, but pretty close to perfect when wearing the lens.

So what does the doctor tell me? Despite spending the last two years in cubicles, focusing on animation paper no further than a foot from my face, that my eyesight’s actually improved in my left eye! How much? Half a point– I should be at a -1.00, but that’s quite a jump from -1.50, so she brought me down to -1.25 for the time being.

I’m so happy about this that I had to blog about it 🙂 The tree leaves and details in the mountains had never been so crisp as they were on that car ride home today, wearing the weaker lens.

Moral of the story? Get your daily dose of antioxidants (green tea for the win! Dried blueberries, too,) take your lutein vitamins and just you watch your eyesight improve 🙂

Sketchbooks Through 11 Years

So I got this crazy idea. How far have I come, artistically, through the years– and in what increments? What if I took photos of mid-July drawings in all my sketchbooks, clear back to ’99? And then let’s say that I publish all these drawings (no matter how embarrassing they are) onto a blog? I thought it would be fun.
2010: Here’s where we stand today… Taking the rules and breaking them.
Read on for a trip through time!

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