Sketchbooks Through 11 Years

So I got this crazy idea. How far have I come, artistically, through the years– and in what increments? What if I took photos of mid-July drawings in all my sketchbooks, clear back to ’99? And then let’s say that I publish all these drawings (no matter how embarrassing they are) onto a blog? I thought it would be fun.
2010: Here’s where we stand today… Taking the rules and breaking them.
Read on for a trip through time!

2009: Character stuff; this was drawn at a Sketchgroup.


2008: Imagined realism– Summer before CalArts, which hadn’t yet the chance to kick me into letting go of quaisi-perfect anatomical proportions for characters. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Also, She and Her Pet was painted about this time.


2007: Right after I visited CalArts for the first time, I think.


2006: Playing with a critter, who perhaps lives on this guy’s farm…


2005: Illustrations for Fallbrook High’s KOPA literature/arts annual publication. I remember drawing these in math class. Worked a lot harder on these than the math…

2004: Learning the art of becoming an HXM (Human Xerox Machine) all the while doing fanart for my favorite movie of all-time (har har har, pun TOTALLY intended).


2003: Oooh to this day I still dislike getting dental work done. Trying my hardest at making “realistic shading”, which apparently only applied to coats and greasy hair.


2002: Even more twinning! This was back when I wouldn’t touch a pencil. Everything HAD to be in pen.


2001:  Seventh grade, holy cow! I remember I brought my drawing book with me EVERYWHERE. The line down the middle means this page (no more than 4×6″) took two days to draw on. Look, that’s a happy hanger because it has teeth!

2000: Mr. Phil, the Ultimate Plumber! Made a large painting of this guy shortly after drawing this. It’s still in my dad’s bathroom!


1999: It’s a bunch of Happy Dogs! I had 57 or so of these characters, and believe it or not, actually got them all copyrighted at the ripe age of 10.


So… Why, exactly do I hold onto all these old sketchbooks?

Purely for the reason of looking at my own progress! I also believe that a good idea’s always a good idea, no matter how old it is, or how young I was when I came up with it. Sometimes looking at old drawings gets new gears turning in the mind. But most of the time, I can’t help but critique them… look at those dog paw/hands… yikessss!

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