I watched Lawrence of Arabia the other night. This was a super-quick, super-intuitive drawing, but I liked the result of Lawrence and the camel (even if I ran out of paper)!

And no, riders in LoA didn’t use reigns on their camels, that was pure artistic license. Besides, it runs off the page. Maybe it’s got a horse head?!

Duct-tape Sketchbook Pocket

My working sketchbook goes on adventures with me. Sometimes I’ll end up with ticket stubs or programs from events– and sometimes I’ve got worksheets from class, or doodles friends have given me. I like to keep these items organized chronologically, and stuff them in the back of my sketchbooks, where I’ve built a duct-tape pocket to prevent things from falling out. Now you can make one, too!

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New iDrawingpad

The last one was a Mac-Book. This one’s an iDrawingpad.

“Apps” include Character Designs, Portraits, Insanity, Ideas, Sleeplessness, Thumbnails, Design, Life Drawing, etc…
The whole point of this is that fancy new things can still be done with old technology… pens and papers!
…And that’s one of the first drawings 🙂