I watched Lawrence of Arabia the other night. This was a super-quick, super-intuitive drawing, but I liked the result of Lawrence and the camel (even if I ran out of paper)!

And no, riders in LoA didn’t use reigns on their camels, that was pure artistic license. Besides, it runs off the page. Maybe it’s got a horse head?!

Make your own Hanging Zoetrope!

So you’ve always liked animation and you always thought zoetropes were cool. Perhaps you wanted to make your own zoetrope but felt a little lazy and didn’t quite have the motivation to go dig a motor out of some old kid’s toy? Or maybe you never quite knew how to go about it before.
Well, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I now bestow upon you my super-simple, super-cheap, relatively-quick instructions for a zoetrope made out of household goods!

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