Make your own Hanging Zoetrope!

So you’ve always liked animation and you always thought zoetropes were cool. Perhaps you wanted to make your own zoetrope but felt a little lazy and didn’t quite have the motivation to go dig a motor out of some old kid’s toy? Or maybe you never quite knew how to go about it before.
Well, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I now bestow upon you my super-simple, super-cheap, relatively-quick instructions for a zoetrope made out of household goods!

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CD Cover project design for class. Did a comp in Photoshop, and after looking at the design, thought… “hmm, the name of this band should be Superimposed!” Painted with gouache.
Ah– and ever since Lisa Keene so kindly visited us as a guest speaker on Friday, I’ve been wanting to make a pop-up book. Now, to scrounge for some free time… 😀