“Unripe Yoshi” for QPop Bros vs. Bros art show

Unripe Yoshi
I’m super honored to have been invited to participate in QPop’s “Bros vs Bros” art show, focusing on Super Mario Bros and the Shaw Bros. Growing up on Nintendo, I couldn’t pass up making fan art of some favorite foes turning the tables on Mario! Leave it to a koopa to put an unripe Yoshi egg in a [?] block.

Cartoon-YOU! Superstyle

Now you can order a super-unique, extremely-stylized portrait of YOU! (Or anyone you want, for the matter!) Simply email or link me to a face shot that you want illustrated, and in return you’ll receive a high-quality digital copy (300dpi, 8″x8″) and for a nominal fee, a print-out of the cartoon YOU!


CD Cover project design for class. Did a comp in Photoshop, and after looking at the design, thought… “hmm, the name of this band should be Superimposed!” Painted with gouache.
Ah– and ever since Lisa Keene so kindly visited us as a guest speaker on Friday, I’ve been wanting to make a pop-up book. Now, to scrounge for some free time… 😀