“Unripe Yoshi” for QPop Bros vs. Bros art show

Unripe Yoshi
I’m super honored to have been invited to participate in QPop’s “Bros vs Bros” art show, focusing on Super Mario Bros and the Shaw Bros. Growing up on Nintendo, I couldn’t pass up making fan art of some favorite foes turning the tables on Mario! Leave it to a koopa to put an unripe Yoshi egg in a [?] block.

Window Squirrel

Today I come home from my daily visit to the local llamas/horse/ducks and cool off with a popsicle…


. . . .?! What was THAT?– Then I saw that Mr. Squirrel wanted my popsicle. A pane of glass and several window blinds were in his way, unfortunately.

We stared each other down for a good half-minute, and as I raised my phone to capture photographic proof, he skittered off. So here’s a quick lil painting of the moment!