Nickelodeon Mischief!

I’ve so excited to have three little paintings in The Hive’s Secret Art of Animators 3‘s side dish show, Saturday Morning Cartoons! I grew up on Nickelodeon, and Rocko has largely contributed to the weirdo I am today. Yay! Come out this Saturday for the opening!






“Unripe Yoshi” for QPop Bros vs. Bros art show

Unripe Yoshi
I’m super honored to have been invited to participate in QPop’s “Bros vs Bros” art show, focusing on Super Mario Bros and the Shaw Bros. Growing up on Nintendo, I couldn’t pass up making fan art of some favorite foes turning the tables on Mario! Leave it to a koopa to put an unripe Yoshi egg in a [?] block.

CalArts Character Animation show 2012!

Soooo much amazing artwork! Such amazing friends! So many caricatures were drawn! The gallery opening last night was a blast and the art’s been lovely all week. Will definitely need to come next year (and the year after, and the year after that). This year I made 15 ink drawings on scrolls, which will be uploaded within the coming weeks 😀

CALARTS Character Animation Gallery!

This Thursday (tomorrow) the party’s on from 10 AM till the wee hours of the morning!
CalArts Main Gallery…. awesome art from all those awesome CalArtians listed on the right side of this blog.
I’ll be drawing caricatures– if it’s not raining and if you’re in the area…. show up! 😀 It’s gonna be busy!
Oh yeah– and that’s the hanging zoetrope in the middle, everything else is a whole bunch of new art 😀