“CAT BIRD COYOTE” is a film I designed and animated for Amy Raasch, as part of a larger project of hers about animal behavior. The film premieres today on Huffington Post Entertainment, and will be available to watch on every Virgin America flight through January on the Boing Boing channel! It has also been collecting awards at multiple film festivals. This little film is going on a big journey!

Can We Be Happy Now

Can We Be Happy Now from Tahnee Gehm on Vimeo.

A man in a grey, drab world is awakened to the beauty and happiness of the real world around him, as the spirits of nature take him on an adventure.

This is my final film at CalArts, animated in TVPaint!

(It’s also on YouTube!)


Resembling a Moleskine, this is a little black Picadilly sketchbook, 3.5″x5.5″ and semi-battered around the edges. This sketchbook has been missing for up to two weeks. All my contact info is on the interior front cover. No distinguishing features are on said sketchbook’s exterior, though the inside has a lot of drawings and notes and blank pages that I still need to fill up. SO…. If you happen to stumble upon it around Valencia/Santa Clarita/LA/CalArts please return it to me. It would be appreciated if you contacted me via email or phone first so I could give you my CalArts address, though the address in it will suffice. I’ll make you some art in return, art of any sort that you request!