Credits Intro for The Fear of Short Men Finale

Created for Alter Ego, the fifth and final episode in Amy Tofte’s series, Fear of Short Men. The players interacted with this intro by jumping out from behind and gesturing at their on-screen selves. Performed May 6th and 7th, 2011 at the CalArts Coffeehouse Theatre!

An Educational Film on the Hair Growth Stages in a Male

An Educational Film on the Hair Growth Stages in a Male
This was my 48-hour film for CalArts ’08! The word for this year’s film fest was “Hair”. I’d been wanting to make a brochure out of this concept, but decided it would actually make a pretty entertaining educational film, and was perfect for the subject matter. When they said 48 hours, they meant 48 hours with a week for editing. Initially, animating this took 3 days– sandwiched between classes and homework, plus an extra hour for voicing (which, unfortunately, took an hour; I was told the next day that people could hear me in the dorm halls and were wondering what was going on!)
I should also mention that my friends won’t let me get away with saying “gravity” anymore. I have to say “GWAVITY!” else I get scolded *cough, cough, CARLOS! cough*.
Enjoy and be enlightened 😀