Flippin’ Out!

This is what a traditional animator does.
Over and over and over and over.
I just wanted give a feel of what it is to see your animated frames come to life when flipping/rolling them manually.
And I would not complain if someone found a way to give me a second left arm, so I could flip more than five pages at a time 😛
That’s all the preview you’re going to get for now on my film!! Hope you enjoy 😀

Moving Out!!!

Well, this is it! I move into CalArts dorms on September 1st… Have me a lovely mess of suitcases and piles of books and art materials and jazz alllllll over the floors, all patiently waiting to be bundled into bags and shoved in the back of a car to be transported up to my new home. This is exciiitingg! Hopefully I’ll still be able to find a few minutes to blog about new projects and art and updates while I’m up there…. I’m going to be BUSY! But for the last day at home, how about a few last ganders at my most recent sketchbook work?

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