Screencap preview

I know I knowwww, I’m way behind on posts– well in my defense I’ve been cranking out colored scenes (approx. 4 a day, in which case I’ve got about 5 days left at this rate to complete the entire film!) So I decided to share some of these in screencap form of the near-finished product. Enjoy! And send some sleep my way, I could use it πŸ˜›

Countdown, Round 2

As of this moment, there are exactly 51162 minutes left until films are due!
That’s merely 35 days!

This time last year I was much further along– then again, I didn’t have an extra minute worth of animation, either! I’d say that this time around, I’ve completed more by this time than I had at this time last year. I have all but 4 scenes animated; all dialogue’s recorded, all the frames are cleaned up and I’m currently in the process of timing them out and figuring out the compositing. After this comes a smattering of coloring and layouts! eek! I have good faith that I can get it all done– under one condition: That I don’t sleep!
May the caffeine commence!

Tales from the Cube!

So I figured I’d inform the blogosphere about current cube life.

My film this year (which shall remain a secret as to surprise said blogosphere come late April) has 51 scenes… including full-color and dialog! Yippee! (Not yippee that there are only 130 days to do all this! AAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!) I figure I can do 5 scenes a week and have a month saved up for post production (translation: technical difficulties). I’m really excited about this year’s film, but still… That April 26th deadline is scaaaaryyy! (just for comparison, last year’s film, VALUE BLiND, had 19 scenes and it took me an entire 2.5 months from start to finish– and I completed a week before films were due, hooray for avoiding crunch time!) This year’s film has 32 more scenes and an extra minute of animation! But, this marks the last week of my third semester at CalArts! I can’t believe how quickly this semester passed! And I’m sure it’ll only get quicker!

Anyway, here are some shots of my cube in its current state of filmness.


Completed scenes are hanging out on the left side, field guide in the middle and a life drawing on the right.


Progress of a scene that got completely redone!


Scenes to-do and notes on the work-in-progress scene… Along with a mini candy cane! πŸ˜€

Zbrush :: Olivia

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day! (According to CalArts). Here are some screenshots from a Z-sculpt I made last night (errrr this morning) of my main character, sans eyes and hair. This was somewhat inspired by James Gurney’s visit on Friday– he suggests that if you want to get realistic lighting/foreshortening/etc of a fictitious character, make a Sculpey (or in my case, Z-brush) maquette of them to work off of. It really, REALLY helps!!!! oliviazbrush1oliviazbrush2oliviazbrush3oliviazbrush4oliviazbrush5oliviazbrush6oliviazbrush7