Countdown, Round 2

As of this moment, there are exactly 51162 minutes left until films are due!
That’s merely 35 days!

This time last year I was much further along– then again, I didn’t have an extra minute worth of animation, either! I’d say that this time around, I’ve completed more by this time than I had at this time last year. I have all but 4 scenes animated; all dialogue’s recorded, all the frames are cleaned up and I’m currently in the process of timing them out and figuring out the compositing. After this comes a smattering of coloring and layouts! eek! I have good faith that I can get it all done– under one condition: That I don’t sleep!
May the caffeine commence!




Days left




films are




Okay, okay, so it’s going really well– 2 scenes left to animate, 5 scenes total left to clean up and digitize (out of 19). With gallons of luck and perhaps a magical pixie-dust (or, rather, eraser-dust) faerie,  I’ll be done by the end of the weekend (or else Monday night). Spring break’s coming right up and I’d best be finished with all the animation so I can go home and work on LAYOUTS!