New Button Swag!

The Button-Bracelet converter allows you to wear any five 1″ buttons together as a bracelet!

The Button-Earrings converters lets you wear a pair of buttons as earrings!

And here are the latest button releases.


Companion Cube Buttons… Sorry, you’ll have to settle for these because I couldn’t figure out the engineering behind a Portal gun.


tahnemporium You know you want to buy some hip buttons! Now at’s BrightEye Studios Tahn-Emporium, you can buy buttons to your heart’s content. Buttons are only 95 cents a piece and sell in packs of 5 or more. Shipping’s only 80 cents (FLAT RATE!!) to anywhere in the US!!!!

I Believe! Dont you?

I Believe! Don't you?

Where else will you find 1 Powerstrip buttons?

Where else will you find 1" Powerstrip buttons?

Waka Waka Waka!

Waka Waka Waka!

Feeling Puzzled?

Feeling Puzzled?

Really. Where else are you going to get hot buttons like these? New designs added as often as I can! I’m open to suggestions for any designs you may want to see, so post your ideas!

And a major-shout out to Daniel and the OC community, this would have been impossible without them!


yaybuttons Guess who got a Tecre utton-making machine? I DID! 😀 This is quite exciting. I can make buttons to my heart’s content– and my goal’s to fill up an entire denim jacket with buttons. Okay, so I’m probably FAR from reaching that goal (as far as actual button-making supplies goes)– but expect to see a button shop go up sometime! I plan on selling these at ComicCon… So say hello if you happen to run into me on Sunday, the 26th of July!
Also, you may be inquisitive about the I <3 “< . “< is my new happy chompy alligator emoticon. He’s been making visits to my online friends, perhaps you’d like to share him with yours.