This is what I look like as a senior.

Balancing a sketchbook on my head, keeping my arms shielded from the unpredictable A/C and being (happily!) wired on plenty of tea. Boot season hasn’t kicked in yet, but it will soon enough (as will my stripes)! I’m super-excited for all the classes I’m in– moreso for the teachers we’ve got (and will have next semester, too!) I’m finishing up some work outside of school and have been settling into the slow-but-steady growing load of homework. This is going to be a fantastic year. Crazy-busy, yes of course, but super-awesome and worth all the forthcoming sleepless nights! Eeee!

One Year Down, Three to Go!

CalArts, you are awesome.
Besides being an excellent work environment with excellent people to be inspired/work with/goof off with, there were all sorts of shows I made it to… Peter’s Shadow (puppetry/theatre), Lost World (Theatre), Pure Grit (Theatre/Puppetry), the World Music Festival (Javanese Gamelan, African and Indian music… involving a robotic Indian set of drums), the Balinesian music performance (involving a robot that played gamelan– yes, robots are taking over the music department! Aaah!) two dance performances, the Open and Producers’ Shows, and probably a few other things I missed (those are just performances from the past month or so)!
I am proud of this:
Granted, that’s with all the 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and up… but STILL! 11 full minutes of pencil tests… yay 😀

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One year!

Well, it’s been exactly 365 days since I got my acceptance letter from Calarts! I don’t think that a year ago I would have guessed that I would be frantically cleaning up and animating a film that I had no idea I would ever concoct, exactly a year in the future. Of course, by now I’ve acculturated myself to CalArts life (and really shouldn’t take it for granted, but… I do anyway)… I think I’m a lot busier than I suspected I ever would have been, but that’s okay! I’m having fun, I’m being productive and life’s great. (And I did have a new sort of revelation tonight, which is– I am a little bit TOO proficient at spilling soup. Actually, I concluded that the gravity in my dorm room is especially wonky and comes from every possible direction. At least if a chair-eating monster ever gets hungry and, for whatever reason, decides to enter my dorm… it’ll find that my chair’s quite delicious).




Days left




films are




Okay, okay, so it’s going really well– 2 scenes left to animate, 5 scenes total left to clean up and digitize (out of 19). With gallons of luck and perhaps a magical pixie-dust (or, rather, eraser-dust) faerie,  I’ll be done by the end of the weekend (or else Monday night). Spring break’s coming right up and I’d best be finished with all the animation so I can go home and work on LAYOUTS!