I haven’t done one of these in a loooong time. My reference was my reflection against a window with a screen behind it at night– the main light source was my monitor, and as I worked the colors shifted, changing the color of light on my face… This went into a loop until things refined themselves out. I really enjoy working with ambiguous live reference! I’d like to try a low-light life drawing workshop where the artists can barely see the models or their paper. Hmmmm!

First year animation storyboards!

With my animatic finished (or as near to completion as it’s going to get for the time being), I thought I’d treat the online public to a taste of what my film’s going to look like this year. Rumors are still true that I may be making two films… we’ll see how my schedule works out with this one, then if I’ve got time for the second, I’ll toss up some storyboards from that later on 😀

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