Even more Festival Updates!

My friends! Life has been incredibly busy lately! If you’re in Portland, Oregon, you should go to the Region One screening for the Student Academy Awards. Yours truly has been nominated as a Finalist for ‘Can We Be Happy Now’! *EXPLODES* This will be a free public screening on Wednesday, April 24, beginning at 6 PM at the Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium (inside the Portland Art Museum at 1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland, OR).

Can We Be Happy Now‘ adventures on, winning a Best Animated Short prize from my hometown, Fallbrook, and a trip to North Carolina to present with a kajillion wonderful student filmmakers. Another rapidly-approaching screening is at the International Family Film Festival on the 5th, if you’re in Hollywood! (I’m sorry to say that I won’t be there). And if you’re in Toronto, you can see it in late July!



It’s quite an honor to win a prize for animation from my hometown!


A big shock was receiving a copy of the local paper, the Village News, to find my face on the front page! This really delightful article was written up about my film and musing on the local wildlife for inspiration.

Also, my late-highschool-early-college mentor, Dr. Lori Miller, wrote a lovely article about our relationship and how mentorship can truly direct an individual to reaching their goals. I’m really thankful for all the guidance I had on my journey from surviving highschool to conquering college and living a life of blissful animation!



The amazing folks at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, hosted the fantastic film festival and conference, Visions, where I was super fortunate to be among many wonderful filmmakers whose films were selected from their undergrad. We reveled in a cornucopia of filmmaking, from animation to documentaries and bizarre sci-fi eyecandy and deep drama. So many wonderful friends were made here, including the talented Bridget, who was my roomie — who was roomies with my roomie’s roomie. DID YOU GET THAT?! The universe imploded and then spat itself out again; only her amazing diagram can explain the magnitude of this crazy coincidence. Go look at the rest of her blog, while you’re at it! Here’s us (Bridget’s in the middle), along with Brianna, who was our super-enthusiastic crazy fun driver/guide/new friend!


Can I just say that filmmakers are some of my very favorite breeds of people?! SO MUCH TALENT IN THESE PICTURES.


International Family Film Festival

The next screening will take place at the Pickford Theater of Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA for the International Family Film Festival. The screening is at 2:30 on the 5th of May, and tickets are available here for $10. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend.



TAAFI will take place at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto, from July 26-28th. Hello, Canada!


It’s time for a well-overdue photo-blog post about my recent trip to Europe! I went to Berlin because ‘Can We Be Happy Now‘ played at the REC for Kids film festival. The entire trip was uber-enjoyable– met lots of great people, and my art-hungry eyes had a complete feast!

Select photos from Berlin are up here!

Wheeee!!!! Flying over all the everythings!

There was a really cool echo art installation in the Toronto airport. Stomping in it was way too much fun! Good thing I don’t know how to tap-dance…

Hallo, Germany– we flew into Frankfurt and from there to Berlin.

BRAAAAAINS. I imagine this is where the EuroZombies shop.

Gozirra and I had a great time hanging out!

And then Gozirra and I got lost, so I had to navigate my way back to the REC film festival for Kids.

Made it! Here’s Detlef and me, he was an incredibly helpful guide for the whole trip!

I got to hold the attention of lots of German kids.

“Yes, my name’s actually ‘Tahnee’…” Funny how my name was unusual to them, as they had lots of unusual names to me! Some of the kids had really curveball questions. Yes, the greyscale part was intentionally boring…

Morning shadows on the blinds.

Hey there Mr. Green!

Obligatory I-found-Mickey-and-Minnie-in-lederhosen-and-a-drindl photo, hehe…

Brandenburg Gate!

This was a really cool memorial. It was a labyrinth of blocks– as you walked deeper into it, they rose higher around you, and suddenly every path you took would reveal a different story by the other people exploring it: some were taking photos, others were lost, the occasional kid was running around… It was really fun to explore.

The grand Asparagus!

Rails from way above, in said Asparagus.

We rode these a lot!

Killer street art in Kreuzberg.

I left my mark on the Berlin Wall!


More remnants of the Wall– this guy was too heavy… Thankfully I was never crushed.

Moral of the story? Submit your film to international film festivals. Travel! See the world! Have happy adventures!


Can We Be Happy Now‘ screened for two audiences today! The viewers were primarily children. It was very interesting seeing (and hearing) their reactions and interpretations. It was such an honor to answer questions and see that it’s meaning carried over to non-English speakers.

Speaking of which, Germans have got everything figured out; Berlin is amazingly efficient.

Sight-seeing continued with the Brandenburg Gate, a blocky memorial, some Wall remainders and a random art gallery. Oh yes, and all sorts of interesting people on the Underground trains!! Plenty of pictures are being taken (and scarves make nice jackets for rain, I discovered late tonight). Also, Caran d’Ache makes the most amazing ballpoint pens!

Right, and you can purchase lederhosen and the female Oktoberfest equivalent at the mall. Sorry, I didn’t drop the $400 for an outfit…



Hallo, Berlin!

So I’m sitting in a hostel in Berlin, optimistic that this blog will be a successful form of communication!

I’m incredibly impressed with how happy everyone is to help– I’m also incredibly impressed with the quality of food… And chocolate!!! ANIMATION MINT CHOCOLATE!!!!

The REC festival has been really fun. It’s amazing how young kids are making such quality films– yes, they’re being helped with the production process by adults, but there have been some charming stories and visual styles.


Goin’ to EUROPE!

Hallo!! I’m really excited because in five days, I’m going to Berlin for the REC-Jugendmedienfestival, where ‘Can We Be Happy Now‘ will be playing on Friday! I’ll be there until the 16th, when I’ll fly over to Paris until the 22nd!!!

Excitement. Yes. Much! First time ever in Europe! First time ever trying to cram so much foreign language into my noggin! First time ‘Can We Be Happy Now’ screens internationally! First time I may run into gypsies… let’s hope not. MAYBE I’LL COME BACK WITH ONE OF THOSE GREEN HATS WITH A FEATHER! I’ll be equipped with my iPhone and Moleskine sketchbook, so I’ll post updates when I can! Wheeeee!

‘Unlocked’ Festivals!

Looks like a great year for film festivals! Here’s the line-up!
Readymade Film festival

Playing in LA on the 27th! :: http://www.readymadefilmfest.com/la


Clearwater Film Festival

September 22-25, Clearwater, Florida :: http://www.clearwaterfilmmusicfest.com/


REC Internationales Junges Filmfest

September 21-25, Berlin. Germany :: http://www.jugendmedienfestival.de/



October 7-16, Bucharest, Romania :: http://www.animest.ro/home.aspx


Videoart Festival Casablanca (FIAVC)