I’m back! I spent almost 2 weeks between Berlin and Paris — will put up some pictures soon! In the meantime, there was one night I hopped on a metro in Paris, which was quite possibly the most cramped I’d ever been. Smashed against the standing poles, I got to know everyone’s hands very well– their smells, scars, rings… After that episode, the subway air smelled like a fresh spring breeze!

Goin’ to EUROPE!

Hallo!! I’m really excited because in five days, I’m going to Berlin for the REC-Jugendmedienfestival, where ‘Can We Be Happy Now‘ will be playing on Friday! I’ll be there until the 16th, when I’ll fly over to Paris until the 22nd!!!

Excitement. Yes. Much! First time ever in Europe! First time ever trying to cram so much foreign language into my noggin! First time ‘Can We Be Happy Now’ screens internationally! First time I may run into gypsies… let’s hope not. MAYBE I’LL COME BACK WITH ONE OF THOSE GREEN HATS WITH A FEATHER! I’ll be equipped with my iPhone and Moleskine sketchbook, so I’ll post updates when I can! Wheeeee!