Animations for Six Flags’ Holiday in the Park

This year I had the pleasure of creating animations that were incorporated into the “Rockin’ Universe” light shows at Six Flags Magic Mountain! There are three 5-minute shows, which blink and flash over 42,000 lights across multiple buildings and a Christmas tree.

Lighting wizard Zach Moore did all the lighting design and programming for the three shows — he gets credit for making the whole thing come to life; I only supplied animation sequences. People really like it! I got all warm and fuzzy inside when everyone applauded at the end. It was quite a fun experience to animate on my computer and see it up across the buildings just a few minutes later!

This dazzling display is in the DC Universe of Six Flags Magic Mountain, should you decide to experience it alongside roller coasters 🙂

3rd grade Christmas haiku

In the spirit of the season, the Christmas decorations came out– which, of course, included tidbits of my childhood: crafty assignments based ’round pastes, construction paper and cleverly-written haiku.


For those of you who find 3rd-grade handwriting illegible, I’ll transcribe:

“Roots are not on tree.

Presents are under our nice tree.

Carots are very nice.”

10 points for getting five solid  syllables in the first line. 200 points for running out of subject matter and delving into the contents of lunch– complete with a misspelling!