3rd grade Christmas haiku

In the spirit of the season, the Christmas decorations came out– which, of course, included tidbits of my childhood: crafty assignments based ’round pastes, construction paper and cleverly-written haiku.


For those of you who find 3rd-grade handwriting illegible, I’ll transcribe:

“Roots are not on tree.

Presents are under our nice tree.

Carots are very nice.”

10 points for getting five solid  syllables in the first line. 200 points for running out of subject matter and delving into the contents of lunch– complete with a misspelling!


Happy end-of-2007, start-of-2008!
Let’s look at the year in review, as 2007 has been good to me– accounting for my 2nd and 3rd semesters at junior college and quite a lot of knowledge-accumulation as far as art goes.
-Got 2nd place for the Fire Breather (Pastel)
-Displayed a few other works of art (and as of today, the 30th, my artwork is showing at the Fallbook Library)!
-Artwork published in Bravura, along with 1st prize for visuals
-Did quite a handful of commissions, including a business card, several T-shirt designs (will upload those soon) and started working on a children’s book illustration project.
-Sent portfolio to CalArts!
-Kept a 4.0 GPA!
-Went to Belize, Cozumel, Honduras, Mexico and, for the first time, HAWAII!!! (and I’m going again!)
-Learned that it’s no fun being sick on vacation.
-Learned that as there is a limit to how clean a room can be, there’s apparently no limit to its messiness.
-Learned that vacation is the perfect time to do scholarships.

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