Paris 2012!

This is a long-overdue photo post about my adventures in Paris! Select photos are up here!

Mom and me in the ever-so-reflective hotel elevator!


Oui oui! I don’t speak French! Bonjour! Merci! Baguette! Ohhhoho baguette!


Notre Dame!!!

Me drawing Notre Dame.

“Epic amazing awesomeness of fantastic proportions” cannot even begin to describe how magnificently grand Notre Dame is.

The Arc de Triomphe…

…had the craziest spiral staircase to conquer!

Every hour, the Eiffel Tower would sparkle with flickering lights!

Yelling contest inside the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

St. Chapelle had amazing stained-glass windows! Sadly there was a huuuuge white restoration sign that read “restauration”, and I first mistook it for converting the church into a restaurant. I was most displeased, but looking back on photos of the sign later I realized it meant “restoration”. Pheeewwww!

I found Mickey!


Look at how well Rose Petal and Almond get along!

Probably my favorite museum of all– the Musée des Arts et Métiers. Not only was everything beautifully crafted from an artistic perspective, but the functions of all the machines were so precision-focused and incredible! As I love timepieces, I enjoyed going through all their clocks. There were also multiplication machines from the 1700’s, a mini-CERN, a CRAY-2, bunches of bicycles and oh-so-many fun things to look at!

Then I had my first encounter with Jean Tinguely at the Modern Art Museum!

Mondrian and I matched for the day.

Playing air guitar with the guitarist!


Oh hello there Mona Lisa! Please don’t go blind from all the photographic flashes!

And then I found myself making myself into art with art. I’m blaming my friends for instigating these!

We were being snooty together, proud of how bronze our skin was. AAHH bad pun!

Other adventures included walking around Printemps, a ginormous department store with every designer imaginable (except for Juicy). It was fashion week and we didn’t know until we arrived. As little as we fit in with our unfashionable clothes, we were still allowed to look at all the fancy clothes and jewelry and try them on as we liked (though I never did try anything super-fancy on for fear I might sneeze or sweat on it)! An entire floor was dedicated to shoes, and there was a big shoe party, complete with champagne! We ate ratatouille there (crossed off from the bucket list). The most expensive watch I saw was €101,000– as you could imagine, I did not come home with this! I did, however, come home with art books from a bookstore 🙂

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  1. Yaaaaaaaay Europe! Oui oiu, escargot croissant petite pain und der strudel. We should make a lorem ipsum generator based on our excellent language skills 🙂

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