Can We Be Happy Now‘ screened for two audiences today! The viewers were primarily children. It was very interesting seeing (and hearing) their reactions and interpretations. It was such an honor to answer questions and see that it’s meaning carried over to non-English speakers.

Speaking of which, Germans have got everything figured out; Berlin is amazingly efficient.

Sight-seeing continued with the Brandenburg Gate, a blocky memorial, some Wall remainders and a random art gallery. Oh yes, and all sorts of interesting people on the Underground trains!! Plenty of pictures are being taken (and scarves make nice jackets for rain, I discovered late tonight). Also, Caran d’Ache makes the most amazing ballpoint pens!

Right, and you can purchase lederhosen and the female Oktoberfest equivalent at the mall. Sorry, I didn’t drop the $400 for an outfit…



One thought on “Screening!

  1. Hi Tahnee!
    We were introduced today by your Purrseycat at the Musée d’Art et Métier.
    Had such a great and all too brief time with you and Julie!

    Now, 11:11PM (wow!love the number) I went straight to your “hiccups” LOVE them! Going to visit all your site, but now, going to sleep…long next 2 days of traveling to Brazil. Till next time, big hug, Silvia

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