Artists of the Month: September ’10

Witty thinking and unexpected interpretations of common phrases can be an art. But when combined with visuals… Oh boy! The fun! And a little fun with microscopes, as well.

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Huzzah! A new website is born!
“Out with the Old” was the tagline while everything was in redesign. Less than a month later, I’m pleased to have uploaded a hand-drawn sketchbook-style redesign.
Massive kudos to Ivan for emotional and technical support and suggestions!
The Art section is currently down, yes. Don’t fret. There will be plenty of new eyecandy up soon ๐Ÿ™‚

tcom Lo and BEHOLD! The brand-new[munity] is here!

Besides sporting a fresh, modern look, the new features an exclusive, Tahnees-only community where members can update their information at any time (a much better system than when I updated bios and photos by hand!) Members can chill in the forums and make contacts with other Tahnees from around the world. The new Hall of Tahnees is self-updating, and orders Tahnees from latest member first. What a good feeling it is to have finally gotten the time to completely rennovate this website.