Tahnee.org Re-launch!

Tahnee.org Re-Launch
Huzzah! A new website is born!
“Out with the Old” was the tagline while everything was in redesign. Less than a month later, I’m pleased to have uploaded a hand-drawn sketchbook-style redesign.
Massive kudos to Ivan for emotional and technical support and suggestions!
The Art section is currently down, yes. Don’t fret. There will be plenty of new eyecandy up soon 🙂

Out with the Old

What’s going on? Tahnee.org’s home page is… GONE!

Never fear. There’s a lot of old stuff that’s got to be weeded out, and this blog needs to be integrated better into the main site. Hence the reboot… Which may take a little while to design and put up. But, when it’s finished, all the content will be fresh and happy!