Oliver and Friends (…or Foes)


Last week our Friday lecture was from Shane Prigmore and Shannon Tindle, who (on top of giving us a great lecture and lots of pretty, inspiring drawings) gave us all an assignment due this week: to design Oliver, the Artful Dodger and Fagin from Oliver Twist. They provided us with text samples from the book– the rest was up to us!


When I first read the description of Fagin, I immediately started drawing this strange melted candle thing… I decided to make him a sort of snake-candle that’d been melted and melts his way along wherever he goes, because he’s such a slimy creep! So there it is and there you go, the most abstract design presented tonight 😛


And there’s the Artful Dodger, AKA Jack Dawkins. I figured I’d make his coat extra long so it would drag on the floor like a cape– because to him it probably is a cape; he snatched it off of some unsuspecting pedestrian, I’m sure, and consequently is proud of his prize and considers himself a superhero at his art of sticky fingers.

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