An Educational Film on the Hair Growth Stages in a Male

An Educational Film on the Hair Growth Stages in a Male
This was my 48-hour film for CalArts ’08! The word for this year’s film fest was “Hair”. I’d been wanting to make a brochure out of this concept, but decided it would actually make a pretty entertaining educational film, and was perfect for the subject matter. When they said 48 hours, they meant 48 hours with a week for editing. Initially, animating this took 3 days– sandwiched between classes and homework, plus an extra hour for voicing (which, unfortunately, took an hour; I was told the next day that people could hear me in the dorm halls and were wondering what was going on!)
I should also mention that my friends won’t let me get away with saying “gravity” anymore. I have to say “GWAVITY!” else I get scolded *cough, cough, CARLOS! cough*.
Enjoy and be enlightened πŸ˜€

“Butterflight” flip test

NOTE: Please visit the video’s YouTube page itself and view it in High Quality to see the actual animation! Otherwise, the default lo-res version doesn’t portray anything but a moving muddle of mush….
A quick, not-too-terribly-smooth flip test of my soon-to-be-uploaded-to-Youtube-so-the-world-can-see first semester film, Butterflight. This is only a minor cleaned-up segment. Check back next Thursday for the entire film πŸ˜€