All these ink drawings were made for the 2012 CalArts Character Animation Open Gallery show. You can see them all here! Each was drawn with India ink on either a love or money scroll, which could be found at World Market. The outsides of the scrolls (visible on one edge) were screen-printed with beautiful colors and textures.

WIP :: Comic

Epic side-project #2: 10-page comic book! Everything’s hand-inked and ink washed. (The lettering will be, too, when I get to it. I’m doing my speech bubbles blank on the original bristol, and will use animation cells for the lettering). The finished book will be on sale soon πŸ™‚

Stylin’ Suitcases!

In less than a week, I’m leaving on a 28-day-long cruise that starts in Australia and ends up in San Francisco. With all that time away, one certainly must pack appropriately. And with all the air travel, you really don’t want to mess up and grab someone else’s luggage, where you may end up with someone’s life-long cherished coin collection when what you were really after was some shampoo.
In order to prevent such horrors (and also as an extra measure that the luggage NOT be lost), I painted up my suitcases like no one else’s. Meticulous detail and hours of laborious work follow….. AND PLEASE!!!! If you see me running around with one (or two, or three or all four, given I sprout a few extra arms) SAY HELLO! Never know who you’ll run into at the airport! πŸ˜€
Suction-Footed Tweep

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