Artists of the Month: September ’10

Witty thinking and unexpected interpretations of common phrases can be an art. But when combined with visuals… Oh boy! The fun! And a little fun with microscopes, as well.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre


Wilhelm Staehle cuts classy silhouettes, playing on phrases and pop culture with old-fashioned typography. He utilizes lush paintings and century-old fashions, mixing them up with unexpected written humor. The clash of vintage art with fresh meanings gives Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre quite a lot of zing!

Glennz Tees

Glenn Jones brings the world very punny (er, funny) tees, iPhone backgrounds, mousepads, and the rest of those good things. Clear illustrations in a pleasing flat-graphic style, Glennz Tees are epicWin.


Alcoholic beverages can take on many colors when in glasses. But up close– up really, REALLY close– they’re a phantasmagoria of abstract shapes and color shifts! A drop of the drink is dried in an air-tight container, crystallizing it. Then it is photographed through a microscope, with a polarized beam shooting through.

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