CALARTS Character Animation Gallery!

This Thursday (tomorrow) the party’s on from 10 AM till the wee hours of the morning!
CalArts Main Gallery…. awesome art from all those awesome CalArtians listed on the right side of this blog.
I’ll be drawing caricatures– if it’s not raining and if you’re in the area…. show up! 😀 It’s gonna be busy!
Oh yeah– and that’s the hanging zoetrope in the middle, everything else is a whole bunch of new art 😀

Wiener Mobile sighting!

“We’ve got a special treat for you tomorrow, Albertson’s shoppers! The Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile will be here!”
Oh boy, mark your calendars. This was an event not to be missed! In fact, I think this is the biggest event Fallbrook’s had in… forever.

Sweet license plate– IWSHIWR… I wish I were!


The inside looked mustard-and-ketchuppy; lotsa yellow and red with a sky pattern on the ceiling!




They gave me free stickers, which are now proudly displayed on the front of my sketchbook.

That concludes the adventures of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile to the Albertson’s in Fallbrook!

Make your own Hanging Zoetrope!

So you’ve always liked animation and you always thought zoetropes were cool. Perhaps you wanted to make your own zoetrope but felt a little lazy and didn’t quite have the motivation to go dig a motor out of some old kid’s toy? Or maybe you never quite knew how to go about it before.
Well, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, I now bestow upon you my super-simple, super-cheap, relatively-quick instructions for a zoetrope made out of household goods!

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