tcom Lo and BEHOLD! The brand-new Tahnee.com[munity] is here!

Besides sporting a fresh, modern look, the new Tahnee.com features an exclusive, Tahnees-only community where members can update their information at any time (a much better system than when I updated bios and photos by hand!) Members can chill in the forums and make contacts with other Tahnees from around the world. The new Hall of Tahnees is self-updating, and orders Tahnees from latest member first. What a good feeling it is to have finally gotten the time to completely rennovate this website.


So it dawned on me that life drawing–fine art, in general– is nothing more than algebra.

“But Tahnee! That’s ART, not MATH!” you exclaim.

True, dear reader, in the academic sense– but here’s how I like to look at this. I may be a lousy mathematician when it comes to numbers, but not when it comes to visual algebra.

X = Y.

You’re trying to make both sides equal. Look at this equation in a life drawing session. X = the paper in front of the artist, Y = the model on the stage. The artist is trying to make the page in front of them resemble that model on the stage; trying to make it equal what they’re seeing. When the page’s drawing = the model, or when X = Y, the equation is balanced.

I now declare myself a proficient algebratician.



That’s right, now you can get a Cartoon-YOU! featuring you and your sweetheart, or best friend, or whoever you want! Head on over to the Tahn-Emporium for your own charming, unique drawing! You send me pictures to a public online album of you and your companion (or, if you’re getting this as a gift for another couple, then link me to their album); tell me the expression/mood you want the piece to be and I’ll send you an 8″x8″ 300dpi fully-colored, fully-rendered drawing such as the one above of Tess and Dimitri. For a little extra, you can even have a tangible print mailed to you 🙂


The Tahn-Emporium now offers a completely unique, custom drawing of YOU! (Or any single person YOU WANT!) Bah, it won’t be any of that insulting stuff that you get at the county fair. You tell me what expression you want, and you send me a link to your online photo album(s) (so I can study your features and figure out a cartoon from there) and I’ll then send you a high-quality digital copy (300dpi, 8″x8″) and for a nominal fee, will send you a print-out of the cartoon YOU!


tahnemporium You know you want to buy some hip buttons! Now at tahnee.org’s BrightEye Studios Tahn-Emporium, you can buy buttons to your heart’s content. Buttons are only 95 cents a piece and sell in packs of 5 or more. Shipping’s only 80 cents (FLAT RATE!!) to anywhere in the US!!!!

I Believe! Dont you?

I Believe! Don't you?

Where else will you find 1 Powerstrip buttons?

Where else will you find 1" Powerstrip buttons?

Waka Waka Waka!

Waka Waka Waka!

Feeling Puzzled?

Feeling Puzzled?

Really. Where else are you going to get hot buttons like these? New designs added as often as I can! I’m open to suggestions for any designs you may want to see, so post your ideas!

And a major-shout out to Daniel and the OC community, this would have been impossible without them!