Tahnee Zombieeee

tahneezombie So getting sick is apparently the fashionable thing to do over summer… and I’m pretty sure one of the neighbor’s dogs wants to become a professional yodeler.

I believe I can blame ComicCon for some of this mess– the hours were crazy and there was a lot to see and do and a lot of people to drive around (not that I’m complaining, they were cool). Still, next year I think I’ll take a teleporter, but that’s only after proper research (aka my 2nd year film, which I plan on basing around teleportation. I’ve got an idea for the 4th year epic already too– why 4th year? Because it can be up to 7 minutes! woo)

Anyway I got sick after comiccon and one day I decided it would be a good idea to lazy around in a bath (as opposed to the usual of a shower). Wellll I got water in my ears and I thought I would have outgrown the terrible habit I had as a kid of retaining high amounts of water in my ears after going for a dip in the drink. Apparently my ears, or more specific– my right ear has gotten so good at retaining water that now that’s all it wants to do.

Intro– ear infection! Or something like that!

After two ugly 5 AM mornings of feeling like my cranium’s going to crack and being able to hear myself blink (I was half-hoping to hear the neurons being fired in my mind), the doc decided this loony needs a lotta medication, and has thus converted this everyday-loony into your standard street zombie.


Currently fighting Paypal issues with my shop– that’s why that hasn’t seen the light of day yet. I’m also doing a synesthetic study of my alphabet, but in ASL, in my sketchbook… so I’m rendering out each hand sign per letter, but in its appropriate synesthetic color. Too bad the best lighting in my room only lasts for about 2-3 hours every day! :/

O yeah, the dog yodeling– every night around 11 PM and 1:30 AM one of the dogs across the way practices its yodeling skills. Methinks it needs a practice room, as clearly the neighborhood in its entirety is NOT asleep at those hours and gets to hear all the yodeling practices.

Who knows, maybe it’ll end up So You Think you can Sing or somethin like that. If I ever get the cahnce to deal with that show for any animation/design purposes I”ll certainly recommend the dog as to make its dreams come true. heeehe.

Anyway, I’ve been accumulating a LOT of drawings in my sketchbook that badly need to meet the light of day on this here blog! I also have been studying animal anatomy (Joe Weatherly for the win!) and successfully animated a running dog the other night in Flash, so I was quite stoked about that! I plan on putting up more character designs… but not until I can think clearly…. as I’m sure this whole blog post is a mess that I’ll be embarassed of in about a week…. by which time I hope to have much art uploaded 😀

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