Yaaaay! That there’s the sure-sign of a safe SHOPPING site!! That’s right, hold your horses cuz I’m about to unleash upon y’all the most dazzling online 1″ button shop you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Need to wait for a few more things to go through before I can make the shop live, but I assure you it’ll be up by the end of this week. πŸ˜€


Been a while since I’ve done any art updates! I reckon I lacked the time to upload the rest of my character design assignments from the year, so I’ll start doing one of these a day/night (hopefully with an interlude about the shop going live!) πŸ˜€ If you see anything on these that you’d like to buy on a 1″ button, post a comment! I’ll see about buttonizing them.

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Buttons and more coming soon!

As promised, will soon have a SHOP!! No, not just any shop– an EMPORIUM of artsy goods (namely, buttons)! Buttons, buttons, so many buttons, bunches of buttons that you can deck out your jackets/purses/bags/hats/sleeves/pants/mittens with. And, of course, DVDs with VALUE BLiND will also be available πŸ™‚