Zombie Cakes

Why hello! There’s a quick oldie from last semester just to keep things … fresh… here on my blog?! (Freshly cooked brains for zombies… right… “fresh”!) Anyhoo, I’ve been looking at a lot of this all break:

Over 4 minutes of that, in fact. I’m animating on a documentary and will be able to upload some screens soon! So stay tuned!

Also, school starts in less than a week. Correction: my last semester at CalArts starts in less than a week. WHAAAAAAT WHERE DID THAT TIME GO oh right over ten minutes of animation STILL WHAT HAPPENED TO CALARTS COME BAAAAAAAAACK IMMA MISS YOU


Really looking forward to this semester, finishing C.A.T. and making x films (where x is a number between 1 and 4) and taking classes with amazing teachers and working till sunrise with wonderful friends! And then graduating and going off into the unknown magical world of reality. Eep!

Artists of the Month: August ’10

Through my 21 years of existence on planet Earth, I think it’s safe to say that just about anything can be turned into “art”. Sure, we have established “art” areas (such as “illustration” and “painting”), then we’ve got the “fine arts” (which can be an installation of just about anything,  so long as it’s backed by a deeper meaning) — but what about the art of something ordinary– say, cake making?

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