Artists of the Month: August ’10

Through my 21 years of existence on planet Earth, I think it’s safe to say that just about anything can be turned into “art”. Sure, we have established “art” areas (such as “illustration” and “painting”), then we’ve got the “fine arts” (which can be an installation of just about anything,  so long as it’s backed by a deeper meaning) — but what about the art of something ordinary– say, cake making?

Will Turnbow



This cake is NOT a lie!
Come on, now. Who makes a fully-animated, colored and edible (well the toys and mechanized parts aren’t edible) cake like this for their daughter’s 4th birthday?! Will does, apparently, and spoils his kids sweetly with these fantastic cakes. Forget candles… Let’s watch the cake spin and whirl and light up for half an hour and THEN dig in!

Simon G. Phelipot (Masana)


Energy, saturated colors, emotion, realism mish-mashed with abstract… Every piece has its own palette, along with loads of beauty!

Fishtank Ensemble

Band email marketing


“High-Energy Gypsy Music”– with a dash of Shamisen to boot! These guys played for us at CalArts (I even got up early to see the performance). I nearly exploded they were so fantastic; from a singing saw to crazy hyper (and skilled) violin and guitar, not to mention a mighty double-bass that got flipped up in the air and played at times– VERY high-energy!

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