Spike Driver Blues Zoetrope

This is a zoetrope I made for the CalArts Re-Envisioning America show 2012. I had the idea of getting more mileage out of zoetrope animation by controlling the images by turning on and off different colored lights. In this one (hopefully the first of several), red, green and blue lights turn on and off to reveal three different images.
It’s a little floppy, it’s not perfect– but it was a pretty successful learning experience!
Powering everything is an Arduino Uno, Ardumoto shield, motor, and a BlinkM MaxM light. Animations were done in TVPaint.

CalArts Character Animation show 2012!

Soooo much amazing artwork! Such amazing friends! So many caricatures were drawn! The gallery opening last night was a blast and the art’s been lovely all week. Will definitely need to come next year (and the year after, and the year after that). This year I made 15 ink drawings on scrolls, which will be uploaded within the coming weeks πŸ˜€

‘Unlocked’ Festivals!

Looks like a great year for film festivals! Here’s the line-up!
Readymade Film festival

Playing in LA on the 27th! :: http://www.readymadefilmfest.com/la


Clearwater Film Festival

September 22-25, Clearwater, Florida :: http://www.clearwaterfilmmusicfest.com/


REC Internationales Junges Filmfest

September 21-25, Berlin. Germany :: http://www.jugendmedienfestival.de/



October 7-16, Bucharest, Romania :: http://www.animest.ro/home.aspx


Videoart Festival Casablanca (FIAVC)