This is the only way that I can possibly express how befuddled I am at this exact moment– I’d done a Google search to verify the spelling of “narwhal” and what met my eyes was a Wikipedia article. A Wikipedia article with photos of narwhals leaping out of the ocean, photos of fossils. FOSSILS. Photos that did not appear Photoshopped. And references– there are many references on the Wiki page, as well.
I’m freaking out. I seriously thought these were fictitious creatures– the unicorns of the ocean! Gaah!! My mind is blown! (And educated…!)


Resembling a Moleskine, this is a little black Picadilly sketchbook, 3.5″x5.5″ and semi-battered around the edges. This sketchbook has been missing for up to two weeks. All my contact info is on the interior front cover. No distinguishing features are on said sketchbook’s exterior, though the inside has a lot of drawings and notes and blank pages that I still need to fill up. SO…. If you happen to stumble upon it around Valencia/Santa Clarita/LA/CalArts please return it to me. It would be appreciated if you contacted me via email or phone first so I could give you my CalArts address, though the address in it will suffice. I’ll make you some art in return, art of any sort that you request!