As artists, we can put infinite work and detail into tiny or large portions of the canvas. However, it’s the application of artistic knowledge that directs the attention of the viewer. In this example, the part with absolutely no work (a square left white) hogs all the attention, when all the work went into the colorful squares (which even have patterns of color theory, if you look carefully).

Doodles of the Day :: 2-17-10

Hooray for doodles! I’m making pretty good progress on my film; I’m slightly behind schedule, but not too badly! I’m on my 20th scene already– I’ve officially done more animation on this year’s film than I did on VALUE BLiND… And I’m not even half-way through all my scenes yet! Yikes! Time to get back to work.

First year animation storyboards!

With my animatic finished (or as near to completion as it’s going to get for the time being), I thought I’d treat the online public to a taste of what my film’s going to look like this year. Rumors are still true that I may be making two films… we’ll see how my schedule works out with this one, then if I’ve got time for the second, I’ll toss up some storyboards from that later on 😀

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