Egypt Silhouettes

 Camel Ride We see a cat riding into Egypt on camel back.

Cat Walk This cat is a deity that rules all of Egypt.

Teacher But in Cairo, there is this very wise, intelligent man that helps and teaches the people. His knowledge could easily challenge the cat’s power.

Cat Worship The deity cat realizes this threat to his power, and does not want a challenger to his rule.

Transformation The cat realizes how important the wise man is to the people, and decides to immortalize him into a form that will not threat his own power.

Sphinx And thus, the wise man became the sphinx.

This was a project for my Color and Design class. I started off with sketches, scanned them, then made black and white images in Photoshop that I printed and transferred to black Artagain paper. I then cut out the silhouettes (getting a LOT of Xacto knife practice in the process), then put these over papyrus paper. Took about a week to plan and another week to make! Here’s the art page.

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