CoastARs are available!

My augmented reality drink coasters, CoastARs, are up for sale in the BrightEye Shop! Order your set!

There are currently three different Worlds available: Forest Friends (shown above), KitTEA Cats and ZillAR. All Worlds are available across every set of CoastARs. The Forest Friends have different animations depending on time of day, the KitTEAs are fun to pose with your favorite tea or snack, and the ZillAR mode functions more like a tiny toy set, including one animated Zilla, 2 helicopters and 3 city blocks.

Also, there are no apps to download; it works in your phone’s browser (on most modern phones from the last 5 years or so). Simply scan a QR code on the back of any CoastAR and you’re dropped into the AR viewer and Worlds navigator!

I’ve got more Worlds in the works and some pretty big plans! I’m really excited about this little product!

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