Artists of the Month: July ’10

It’s been too long! Time to start this blog series up again. Though some artists may be popular, they may only be popular amongst their own circle of like-minded artists. It’s time to cross the artistic boundaries, and that’s why I’ve decided to re-start the Artists of the Month.

Stephan Pastis


Pearls Before Swine

Blogging can be an art too.  Stephan’s daily comic strip, Pearls Before Swine, involves quirky critters such as da crocs dat want to eet da zeebas! (Twanslation: the crocodiles that want to eat the zebras)– which is hilarious on its own. Little did I know that Stephan also keeps a blog, telling tales of everyday life observances and interactions– wow, that sounds bland. But they’re not. Go read his blog.

Android (Andrew) Jones



Hypnotic patterns, jewel-like colors and visions from the future are what Android Jones does. Catastrophic digital textures all flow together to create an elegant organic harmony. He’s unique, and he’s got style!

Xavi García


To counter the appreciation for extreme digital art, here’s a bank note created by traditional means. The whole thing was hand-drawn! And, it took three months. The amount of fine detail and pinpoint-precision drives in the point that there was once a time when computers offered no artistic aid, and with enough patience, people really are capable of anything. Xavi’s got some really interesting typographical and figurative art, not to mention his concepts are very fresh.

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