Keyboard & a Geeky Goal

keyboardissues So it would appear that my keyboard, after doing much battle with my fingertips, seemingly broke out in mini-battles amongst its inhabitants, the keys.

First off, there IS no “E” key.


QWFRTY??!! how is THAT pronounced– Kwiffertee? I liked Kwertee just fine! But it seems that the E was having an identity crisis and wanted to become like its neighbor, the F… oh wait! Where’d F go?


SLIG?? Shouldn’t that be something down the lines of… SDFG? “SLIG” is pronouncable! Maybe this row wanted the pronounceablility QWERTY had.

My best guess is that E ran away, F moved up a story and I made a clone of itself.

O, no….


I and P are perfectly intact, but O is GONE! O woe is a keyboard sans O!! Perhaps O decided that the numerical equivalent of nothingness, 0, was more slender and O wanted to slim down. Slimmed down a lil’ bit too much, as it’s not there anymore…

Or perhaps it caught Spacebar Syndrome?


Either the spacebar threw a party and C, V, N, M and > took off…. or the spacebar was putting on the peer pressure to said keys about how cool simplicity is through empty space, and they decided to try out that ‘fashion’.

Besides all the individual key drama, this old HP keyboard (P2359AA, doesn’t look like they make em any longer) has been a wonderful computer companion.

My geeky goal?

To completely wipe off every key’s letter print. 😀

2 thoughts on “Keyboard & a Geeky Goal

  1. Poor keyboard – well, once you wipe your keys off the face of the earth, you can really test out your touch typing, or even switch your keyboard layout to something completely different, like DVORAK. Ah the possibilities!

  2. ooooo if I changed to any other layout I think my brain may explode XD
    Or not, it’s prolly similar to learning another language, I’m in beginning gamelan this year and sometimes the key muting methods are completely different from song to song, so maybe it’s a bit like that.
    I think I’ll wait till I completely wipe out my QWERTY (or qwfrty) before trying any other layouts 😛

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