One year!

Well, it’s been exactly 365 days since I got my acceptance letter from Calarts! I don’t think that a year ago I would have guessed that I would be frantically cleaning up and animating a film that I had no idea I would ever concoct, exactly a year in the future. Of course, by now I’ve acculturated myself to CalArts life (and really shouldn’t take it for granted, but… I do anyway)… I think I’m a lot busier than I suspected I ever would have been, but that’s okay! I’m having fun, I’m being productive and life’s great. (And I did have a new sort of revelation tonight, which is– I am a little bit TOO proficient at spilling soup. Actually, I concluded that the gravity in my dorm room is especially wonky and comes from every possible direction. At least if a chair-eating monster ever gets hungry and, for whatever reason, decides to enter my dorm… it’ll find that my chair’s quite delicious).