Until We Meet Again!

Well, I guess this is “toodles” for about a month– I’ll be flying out to Australia over the course of approximately 22 hours as of tomorrow night, from which point I’ll hop on a cruise ship and sail my way up to San Francisco over the course of 28 days πŸ˜€
Time zones are going to be interesting: the 21st happens twice on the trip πŸ˜›
And yes, I’m bringing a sketchbook and plenty of art materials (and pencils, which hopefully the customs people won’t declare as ‘sharp, pointy dangerous weapons’). We’ll be visiting Auckland (NZ), Fiji, Samoa, Rarotonga (Cook Islands), have a few stops in French Polynesia, and a few stops in Hawaii. YAY! Going to be a fuuuuun trip πŸ™‚ I’ll blog whenever I can of whatever adventures happen and whatever art happens to seep into my sketchbook πŸ˜› Speaking of which… read on for a bunch of new drawings πŸ˜€

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