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6 :: What the...



Hey! Sorry I haven't updated in like... FOREVER!

I originally drew out this comic forever ago, and I just now got to finishing it, because at the time, I was really uninspired to do the background. Well, since I've been in an art clas this year, I don't mind doing perspective and stuff now (now that I know how to do it!)

Being I've got 2 weeks off, I'll prolly get a chance to do a batch of comics. Whoopee! I might also start another webcomic (yeah, as if I have time! haha. But I have a cool idea).

Eek my hands are frozen and it's hard to type and I have a party to go to in like 15 minutes and we've got company tonight and... AAH THE BUSYNESS!

Just don't tell my teachers I haven't started my homework yet! haha!

Oh yeah.. Apothems 4 life!

That's all 4 now. Ciao!