Car Alarm in =>

So I’m taking this Beginning Object-Oriented Programming class this semester with the hopes of getting into the beginning robot-music-making-cool-awesome class next Fall. Music tech school? Yes please! Here’s the ChucK code for anyone who happens to need a car alarm. (And yes, I’m still drawing, just not uploading much…. yet!) 😀
I’d totally attach an audio file if I knew how. Right now we’re working directly in miniAudicle, so if you download that then you can hear the car alarm in all its glory 😛

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Toy Piano

This called out to me in a musical fashion at an art store of all places. I didn’t want to be a creeper and appear to be hovering over the little girl that was playing it when I finally located it within the store. Feigning interest in the sketchbooks, silence hung in the air and I attacked the toy piano. And fell in love. And brought it home. It’s my new toy, which apparently carries its tunes clear through multiple closed doors and walls, which isn’t so good for my suitemates… Hey, I’ve been wanting one for nearly a decade and it was on sale! Expect to hear it in soundtracks this year 😀