Grand Pacific Cruise :: Part 3

Alooooha! I’m now back home safe and sound… maybe not so sound, as the washing machine’s been non-stop for the past day and a half with ALL THE LAUNDRY to go through! (We packed enough clothes so we’d never have to use the on-board laundromat). Speaking of the laundromats, there were rumors about people getting kicked off the ship in Rarotonga. Apparently someone had left their clothes to dry in a dryer in the laundromat and took off in the meantime to do something more productive than watch the spin cycle. However, when they were gone, along came another passenger, who whinged (“winj”– Aussie talk for “complain”) about that dryer being occupied, so what do they do? They take out all that other person’s drying laundry and throw in their own. Original laundry person comes back, sees clothes on floor, is not pleased, etc etc– a fight or two broke out over this matter (one among women, one amongst guys, and I didn’t know guys ever did laundry). Crazy shenanigans on board the Sun Princess!

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