iDentity Crisis (the Internet)

iDentitycrisis For my Surfing the Web class, we had to draw a picture of the Internet as a human entity. If you think about it, the Internet is pretty freaky. It knows a lot…. so I gave it a massive brain. It’s not necessarily clean either, hence the dreads. It seeks and it sees an awful lot at once– so there are the multiple eyes. T-shirts are popular to shop for, and there are more than enough emoticons (which have seemingly become numb over the years– numb to their original meaning, that is). You can plug into it from just about anywhere… the bright-pink frilly undies are because, well… yeah. You see those ads in you spam all the time. Though there is new stuff uploaded every day to its brain, it still has some horrendously old ¬†material (thus the walker)… and it’s got to support itself somehow, so there are the massive legs. And it’s got quite an iDentity crisis, being new/old and– with all those gajillions of profiles on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and other such social networking sites, I figure it wouldn’t quite know how to label itself.