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I love collecting ART. Art of all kinds of types: rendered life drawings, fantastical paintings, scratchy sketches… This last year I realized I could utilize all the wonderful art I find on blogs and social media by making it into my DESKTOP BACKGROUND WALLPAPER! So, I set up a “Super Cool” file on my computer for every cool piece of art I find online. Then, I made that folder the default photo library for my desktop background, and have it set to rotate the background every five minutes. I’ve amassed nearly 3,000 images (photos, paintings, sketches, sculptures, x-rays, you name it) to this folder, and add probably 5-10 new images every day. With multiple monitors, I’m usually seeing at least a portion of my desktop all the time, so no matter what I’m working on, I can glance over to suck over some other artist’s magical powers by studying their art for a few minutes! I’ve really enjoyed this and thought I’d pass along the idea to other artists out there 😀

ALSO: For Windows users (woot woot!) Andrew suggested a great tool called DisplayFusion. It allows you to display a single image across all your monitors and pull art directly off of websites! Also, it gives you taskbars across all monitors and lets you snap windows together. I’m digging it 🙂

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