Easily Flip Frames in TVPaint with a Wacom

Realizing how incredible an animation tool TVPaint is, I wanted to share my method of quickly flipping through frames with a late-model Wacom tablet. Like working on paper, this allows you to see a good chunk of the surrounding frames play back quicker than real time, which helps a lot with spacing/arcs/motion/etc/etc/etc– and unlike real paper, you can view tons of drawings with a quick spin of the thumb… Plus, you won’t get papercuts!
So long as your tablet has a Touch Ring, you’ll be able to flip through your whole animation (pretty darn handy). I’m sure the Touch Strips work just as well.

In TVPaint, set up your Next Instance and Previous Instance hotkeys. Go Edit > Preferences, then hit Configure next to Keyboard Shortcuts.
In the right panel, open up Layer and then find Exposure: Go to Next Instance and Exposure: Go to Previous Instance.
We are choosing “Instance” over “Frame” because that marks the actual frame drawing, with the timing you gave it. If you draw within any individual frame, TVP will convert it into a new Instance. Typically I like to make a bunch of Instances, draw in them, then time them out, and then work with that timing for the remainder of my project.
Pick two keys on your keyboard you’d like to assign to these. I chose ‘,’ and ‘.’ for mine, harkening back to Flash animation.

Once you’ve assigned these (by clicking on the menu option on the right side, then “Assign” and pressing the corresponding key), open up your Wacom control panel.

Navigate to Functions, then select TVPaint, then the Touch Ring.

This feels most intuitive to me, with ‘,’ going back and ‘.’ going forward. Save your settings and you’re ready to go!

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